A+2006 18x20x1

The A+2006 Permanent Electrostatic Air Filters are designed for units requiring maximum air flow.

The A+2006 Permanent Electrostatic Filter is truly a quality product – built to last a lifetime. The A+2006 is constructed of durable polypropylene fibers that use the natural occurrence of static electricity to enhance its filtering capabilities. The woven polypropylene fabric provides up to 40% greater surface area than non-textured fabrics. Unlike some permanent air filters, the A+20006 uses NO FOAM that may clog, degrade, restrict airflow, and become difficult to clean.

The A+20006 Permanent Electrostatic Filter installs as easily as disposable filters and it cleans in a snap! You simply remove it once a month, rinse it with cold water, and put it back. That’s it!

Why the A+2006? The resistance to airflow created by an air filter is an important consideration. The higher the resistance, the great the energy required to overcome it. Consequently all other considerations being equal, the filter with lower resistance is preferred. The A+2006 offers very low resistance it just .06 inches W.G.


  • Provides 40% greater surface area than non-textured fabrics
  • Heat and cool homes more rapidly
  • Decrease possibility of compressor and blower motor burn out
  • Decreasse possibility of high pressure overloads and frozen coils
  • Contains electrostatically enhanced fibers to attract and retain particles
  • May be use in residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • Direct shipments available to your customer upon request
  • No hassle with outside sizing and assembling requiring valuable time


  • Increase air circulation – initial resistance .06 Inches W.G.
  • Available in standard and non-standard sizes
  • Available depths ½” and 1” depths
  • Environmentally friendly – replacement for throw away filters
  • Maximum size 24”x30”


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0404-11820, A+2006, Washable, Permanent, Electrostatic, 18x20x1