The SpeedLight UV

The SpeedLight™ offers the quickest installation on the Planet! Simply cut a hole, insert the lamp and you’re done. No screws need. The SpeedLight uses powerful magnets to hold the mounting plate in place.

The SpeedLight™ is an easy, yet powerful solution for air stream disinfection or coil irradiation. It is designed to inhibit growth of bacteria, mildew, mold and other fungi. The unit uses a 16 inch 100% Germicidal UVC lamp. This powerful dual-radiant, 36 watt lamp produces 105µw of ultraviolet power, that’s double the output of a typical 16 inch UV lamp. More power means greater destruction of contaminants and a cleaner indoor environment.


  • Kills bacteria, viruses and mold
  • Easy Installation and Service 
  • Magnetic mount holds lamp in place
  • No holes needed for installation in coil area
  • Water resistant lamp connection
  • UL listed, compact electronic power supply
  • Produces no ozone or aldehydes
  • Keeps HVAC system cleaner and more efficient


  • Electrical: 120 Volt or 24 Volt
  • UL Listed Electronic Ballast
  • UV Lamp: 36 Watt, 105 µw/cm² @ 1 meter UVC Output Potency
  • Warranty: Lamp – One Year – Power Supply 3 Years