Multi-Pocket Bag Filters

Environet Multi-Pocket Bag Filters are the most efficient solution for high efficiency air filtration. Each bag is constructed of electrostatically charged, lofted microfiber polypropylene allowing it to provide high efficiency and high dust holding capacity. The non-carcinogenic synthetic media is also resistant to microbial growth making it an ideal solution to be used in hospitals, schools, food and pharmaceutical processing and many other applications.

Environet bags are offer in many face and depth dimensions as well as pocket counts to meet your filtration needs. Available in ASHRAE 52.1 rating 65%, 85%, and 95%.


  • High dust holding and efficiency results from loft microfiber polypropylene
  • Galvanized steel frame provides strength and resists corrosion
  • Non-carcinogenic synthetic media resists microbial growth
  • Scrim media layers prevent tearing and puncturing
  • Metal cover strips eliminate the possibility of dust bypass between pockets and provide the added structural integrity
  • Adhesive is applied inside the header and along the opening of each pocket to ensure pockets will not blow out or pull away from the frame


  • Available in standard and non-standard face dimensions as well as multiple pocket counts up to 36”
  • Available in ASHRAE 52.1 ratings – 65%, 85%, or 95%

Ideal for use in:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Office Complexes
  • Food and Pharmaceutical processing
  • Airports
  • Paint Booths
  • Refineries
  • Computer Rooms
  • General Commercial and Industrial Applications