Cube Filters

Our Environet Cube filters utilize depth to greatly extend the surface area of the filter. Cubes are available in one, two and three pocket configurations for maximum loading capacity. Our double wire frame construction ensures solid installation and prevents blowout. A non-drying adhesive designed exclusively for synthetic media is applied to the downstream layer. The adhesive prevents dirt particles from migrating through the media and blowing downstream.  Environet Cubes are available in a variety of media combinations for Paint Overspray Collection and HVAC Dust Collection up to MERV 8. Cubes are available with a 13⁄16" thick U-channel header for side access installations or other systems where a header is required.


  • Self-sealing design provides fast, easy installation.
  • Fail-safe installation requires no clips or latches.
  • High dust holding capacity provides long service life.
  • Moisture resistant, polyester media.
  • Available with header.
  • Tapered pockets for ease of installation.


  • Paint Arrestor media is best used for Industrial Paint Booth applications when emissions levels need to be minimized. They can be used as a primary or secondary filter.
  • QSM filters use our Paint Arrestor media with a four ounce polyester densely needled felt backing. This filter offers exceptional efficiency buy maintains a low pressure drop. The QSM 100 is well suited to Paint Overspray applications where particle emission control is critical. Use the QSM 100 as a high efficiency final stage for wet paint applications, a primary filter for powder paint, HVAC dust, grinding dust, or other powdery substances.
  • 1” antimicrobial tackified media is best used for HVAC dust applications and Paint Booth intake pre-filters.
  • 2” tackified media is best used for HVAC dust applications, Paint Booth intake filters, or for powder paint overspray capture.
  • 1” MERV 8 antimicrobial tackified media is best used for HVAC dust applications and Paint Booth intake pre-filters.

Ideal for a Wide Variety of Applications:

  • Pre-filters - to extend the life of high efficiency filters.
  • First stage filters in hospital systems requiring 25% efficiency.
  • Single stage filtration systems - cube filters provide long service life and excellent protection to prevent dirt build up on coils and ducts.
  • Paint overspray collection - cube filters follow scrubbers in wet booths or follow coatings collection pads in dry booths to reduce stack emissions.